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The world of cinema and art came together at the HAK-İŞ 10th International Short Film Competition. High participation from the country and abroad drew attention to the competition, where a total of 22 awards were given in 11 categories, 207 from Turkey, in two separate categories, in total, and 4,097 films from 114 countries applied.

The International Short Film Competition Award Ceremony with the theme of "Respect for Labor", which was held for the tenth time this year by HAK-İŞ with the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, was held on 10 December 2021 at the Ankara Hilton Garden Inn Hotel.

First Best Film Award from Turkey to Muhammed Bozbey for "1 Lira Labor", Second Best Film Award to Evrim İnci for "Bulak", Third Best Film Award to Bayram Küçük for "We Have No Other Homeland". e, The Fourth Best Film Award was presented to Ferdi Şah for his “Derviş” Film, by our President Mahmut Arslan and the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah Demircan, while the Fifth Best Film Award was given to Mahmut Taş with his “Crack” Film, and the Sixth Best Film Award. The Best Film Award went to Sıla Türkü Koyun with "Looking for a Mermaid", HAK-İŞ Vice President Dr. Osman Yıldız received the Seventh Best Film Award for “Remedy”, Tuğçe Sarı, and the Eighth Best Film Award for “Fresh Milk” to Ömer Faruk Güler, HAK-İŞ Deputy Chairman Yunus Değirmenci, Ninth Best Film Award for “Kozan” HAK-İŞ Secretary General Eda Güner won the award for her movie, Eda Güner won the 10th Best Feature Film Award, Pınar Yıldırım Karaman won the award for the movie "Lost Cevher Abdurrahim" Öz Sağlık-İş Union Devlet Sert, Necati Çelik Special Award for the movie "Beşik" Yavuz Altınışık received the award for the late Necati Çelik's wife Sermin Çelik, while Nihat Ayaz received the award for the movie "Black Diamond" in the Branch of the Unionist's Eyes, and Metin Özben, the President of the Toprak-İş Union, received the award for Recep Dere with the movie "In Search of Hope" Öz Fahrettin Kütükçü, Chairman of the Maden İş Union, presented his awards.